Course curriculum

    1. Welcome Video

    2. Welcome

    3. How to Get the Most Out of this Course

    4. How to Navigate this Course

    5. Setting an Intention

    1. Examples from Sci-Fi and Fantasy, Crime, and Others

    1. Week One

    2. Lesson One: What is Place?

    3. Lesson Two: Places in Other Stories and Other Lives

    4. Lesson Three: Sense of Place, the Objective Correlative and Writing Live

    5. Lesson Four: Places in Your Story, Places in Your Life

    1. Week Two

    2. Lesson One: What is a World?

    3. Lesson Two: Worldbuilding Basics

    4. Lesson Three: Different Worlds - or are All Worlds the Same?

    5. Lesson Four: Place as Character

    1. Week Three

    2. Lesson One: What are Subjectivity and Authenticity?

    3. Lesson Two: How Do People Experience Places Differently and Why?

    4. Lesson Three: How Do You Build a World that Feels Authentic to the Reader?

    5. Lesson Four: Designing Your Research Project

    1. Week Four

    2. Lesson One: Is it OK to Write About Places You've Never Visited?

    3. Lesson Two: Visits and Their Effect

    4. Lesson Three: The Places You've Inhabited vs The Places You've Been

    5. Lesson Four: The Importance of Research

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