Course curriculum

    1. Welcome Video

    2. Hello and welcome to Writing and Mindfulness

    3. How to get the most out of this course

    4. How to navigate this course

    5. Setting an intention

    1. Week One Video

    2. Defining and practising mindfulness

    3. What connects writing and mindfulness?

    4. Practising writing and mindfulness

    1. Week Two Video

    2. An introduction to writing and stillness

    3. Experiencing stillness

    4. Writing stillness

    1. Week Three Video

    2. What is observation?

    3. Mindful walks

    4. Observation v. Inspiration

    1. Week Four Video

    2. What is gratitude?

    3. How to develop a gratitude practice

    4. Why writers need a gratitude practice

    1. Here’s what we’ve covered

    2. Writing and Mindfulness: Exercises

    3. The books and websites mentioned during this course

    4. Next steps

    5. You and your course

    6. What You Can Do Next at New Writing South

About this course

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