Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to Untold Stories

    2. Welcome Message

    3. How to Get the Most Out of this Course

    4. How to Navigate this Course

    5. Setting an Intention

    1. Week One

    2. Lesson One: Place and People

    3. Lesson Two: Time and Events

    4. Lesson Three: The Day Everything Changed

    1. Week Two

    2. Lesson One: What Do We Mean by Memoir?

    3. Lesson Two: When Definitions Don't Quite Fit

    4. Lesson Three: Defining Your Purpose

    1. Week Three

    2. Lesson One: Beginnings

    3. Lesson Two: What to Leave Out and What to Put In

    4. Lesson Three: Now Start Writing

    1. Week Four

    2. Lesson One: Enable Your Readers to Get to Know You

    3. Lesson Two: The People You Write About

    4. Lesson Three: You, the Author

    1. Week Five

    2. Lesson One: Research

    3. Lesson Two: What to do with a Wealth of Information

    4. Lesson Three: What if there are Gaps?

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