Course curriculum

    1. Welcome Video

    2. Lesson One: Welcome

    3. Lesson Two: How to Get the Most Out of this Course

    4. Lesson Three: How to Navigate this Course

    5. Lesson Four: Setting an Intention

    1. Week One Video

    2. Lesson One: Why Write Poetry?

    3. Lesson Two: Developing a Creative Practice

    4. Lesson Three: Setting a Goal that Compels You

    1. Week Two Video

    2. Lesson One: Uncovering Possible Subjects

    3. Lesson Two: Going Deeper

    4. Lesson Three: Discover the Poems Only You Can Write

    1. Week Three Video

    2. Lesson One: Finding a Voice that Motivates You

    3. Lesson Two: Playing with Language

    4. Lesson Three: Exploring Form

    1. Week Four Video

    2. Lesson One: Enjoying the Editing Process

    3. Lesson Two: Making Your Work Clear

    4. Lesson Three: Making It Compelling

    1. Lesson One: Here's What We've Covered

    2. Lesson Two: Next Steps

    3. Lesson Three: You and Your Course

    4. Lesson Four: What You Can Do Next at New Writing South

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