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Course curriculum

    1. Welcome Video

    2. Welcome

    3. How to Get the Most Out of this Course

    4. How to Navigate this Course

    5. Setting an Intention

    1. Week 1 Video

    2. Lesson One: Defining Terms

    3. Lesson Two: Anne Lamott's 'Shitty First Draft's

    4. Lesson Three: The Discovery First Draft

    5. Lesson Four: Self-Care for Writers - The Artist's Way

    1. Week 2 Video

    2. Lesson One: What is the Eight Point Story Arc?

    3. Lesson Two: Creating a Character Web

    4. Lesson Three: Self-care for Writers - Noticing the World

    1. Week 3 Video

    2. Lesson One: Creating Character Backstories

    3. Lesson Two: Tension

    4. Lesson Three: Self-Care for Writers - Night Pages

    1. Week 4 Video

    2. Lesson One: What is a Story World?

    3. Lesson Two: Making Things Happen

    4. Self-Care for Writers - Artists Dates and How to Keep Going

    1. Week 5 Video

    2. Lesson One: Understanding Genre

    3. Lesson Two: Researching Genre

    4. Lesson Three: Self-Care for Writers - Listen to the Music

About this course

  • 75.00
  • Exercises, Examples and Video Content
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